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Mauri Kin’s Domains Eco Village

Future vision

NGO Mauri Kin's Domain’s direct aim is to create an ecovillage model with self-sustaining households. The further aim is to provide an alternative approach to rural communities through lifestyle entrepreneurship and community activities.   We want to create a positive image of rural life through our activities and offer people options for living and thriving on countryside.
The village development strategy foresees the creation of a self-sufficient and comprehensive living environment through growing food, using renewable energy sources, lifelong learning as well as daily communication. We are creating holistic and healthy living environment together with a cohesive community. This increases the likelihood for the future generations to choose to stay in the village and actively contribute to its development.
By working together, we create a community where social space becomes more diverse, affecting larger neightbourhood. New inhabitants of the village will boost the business environment of the region, will offer new products and services to residents and visitors.


NGO Mauri Kin’s Domains is responsible for the management of the village and exchange of information with local government and the state. Each homestead becomes a family inheritance. In the absence of the heirs or in case the owner decides to leave, the NGO has the initial right to purchase. All new villagers will be approved by all the other villagers. The villagers' virtual meetings are held weekly. General meetings where decisions about village life are made, take place every two months. The General Meeting decides on the principles underlying the functioning of the NGO board.

The area

At the first stage, the village is planned on 43 hectares and up to 14 kin’s domains. Every domain is owned by the family. The size of one homestead is 1 - 2 hectares.  Each family’s contribution is EUR 15,000 which includes the price of their homestead land and their share in the communal land cost. The fee can be paid in installments for up to 4 years.
Besides homesteads there is communal land, including a community house, forecourt, forest, bodies of water and roads. NGO has entered into a notarial contract with the current owner of the land for use and management of the property. The land will be purchased by the end of 2019.



At the moment, 7 families have acquired land and are creating a living fence and doing other necessary preparations for creating a kin’s domain. Entrepreneurship is being launched to raise money to finance village activities.


Our goal is to honor the Earth as the main source of wealth and prosperity. Through our experience, we would like to show the advantages of using the land naturally and more efficiently in the face of today's environmentally damaging large agricultural production. If you want to contribute to the development of the village we are creating, you can do it via our NGO’s bank account: MTÜ Mauri Põliskodud account EE747700771001685177 (LHV).