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Küla põhimõtted

Mauri Põliskodude village is inspired by V. Megre's book series "Ringing Cedars of Russia". People who want to organize their lives based on the principles outlined in the series are welcome to join our village.


  1. The territory of the village is 43 ha. The territory is subdivided into plots with an option to build a Kin's domain, considering the shape and placement of other plots. There is at least 3 m of free land between the plots.
  2. The aim of the village is to become a settlement of homesteads with 1-2 hectares in size, whose inhabitants strive to live in harmony with nature, including growing and gathering as much of their food as possible from nature.
  3. Each household, if desired, encircles the plot with a living fence (with trees and shrubs) and plants a variety of vegetation, preferably at least 300 different species, GMO plants are forbidden. We build the gardens on principles that will reduce manpower and increase joy. Every homestead has a pond if possible.
  4. At least half of the homestead territory is covered, if possible, by forest or wooded meadow according to the existing natural vegetation. Cutting down trees is allowed on extreme needs only.
  5. Every family builds a house and auxiliary buildings from nature-friendly materials, uses renewable and local resources as an energy source. Living arrangements are energy-efficient and sustainable in water, electricity and waste management.
  6. Every household has a right to keep animals that live in harmony with man and nature. Animals are not reared for meat. Animals are the responsibility of the owners.
  7. Kin's domain is the sanctuary of every family. We respect everyone's right to privacy in their own homesteads.
  8. The territory of the village has areas under common management, such as the common building and its surroundings, common gathering area, roads and land areas that are not marked as homesteads. Common areas are managed according to common arrangements.
  9. The villagers help each other in building up each others homes.
  10.  Decisions about life in the village are made considering views of all inhabitants, including the children.
  11. There are common gathering area and a common building where young and old can learn together. There is no curriculum but internal motivation.
  12. Our aim is to become offgrid and gain freedom from harmful electromagnetic radiation. Wired internet is available in community center.
  13. It is prohibited publicly consume  alcohol, tobacco, drugs and driving drunk. Smoking is allowed only in the prescribed location.
  14. Motor vehicles are allowed to drive inside village only in extreme need.
  15. There are no religious buildings in the village and we do not promote any religion. The Creator is around us and within us.
  16. Because perfection can only be demanded of ourselves, we avoid pushing one's own beliefs on others and making judgments.
  17. We do not force our children to surrender, but we learn to feel the miracles of life with them. For each family, their home is a breeding ground - learning is done by example, not through fear.
  18. Everyone has a responsibility for a positive atmosphere in the village.



  1. Community members form a non-profit association, a legal body designed to represent the community's interests.
  2. The participation contribution for joining our village is 15000 euros, which can be paid in a single payment or in installments for up to 4 years. In case of leaving the village, the NPO will return the paid amount within 4 years. Investments made on land are not refundable.
  3. NPO will allocate 1 - 2 hectares of land  for each joining household. In case of leaving the village NPO has preemption toward homestead land.
  4. One-year probationary period for familiarization with community and on-site living is preceded before joining the NPO. It is advisable for the joining family to attend the meetings (with the right to vote). At the end of the trial period, community acceptance is a prerequisite for joining. 500€ land booking fee needs to be payd at the beginning of the probationary period.
  5. The NPO represents an open community. The goal of openness is to promote life in countryside and living harmoniously with nature.
  6. The community center sleeping facilities can be used by villagers  during construction period of their own houses for up to 2.5 years. Guests can stay in the village house with agreement of the community. Living in the community center will require investing in the maintenance.