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NPO Mauri Põliskodud

The direct aim of NGO Mauri Põliskodud is to create and manage a self-sufficient village. The indirect goal is to encourage people to cooperate and become entrepreneurs. We want to create a positive image of rural life through our personal example and offer people options for living and thriving on countryside.

We want to create a self-sufficient and holistic living environment (including self-sustaining food production, the use of renewable off-grid energy sources, lifelong learning on daily basis). We are creating holistic and healthy living environment together with a cohesive community. This increases the likelihood for the future generations to choose to stay in the village and pass on the values intrinsic of heritage culture.

The members of our NGO share similar worldviews, which gives us an advantage in achieving our common goals. Our people are full of energy and motivated to implement a common vision. We hope to figure out a practical action plan for people who want to build their own home in the countryside.

Since 2013, we have been growing ang gathering the oil hemp Finola, berries, apples and forest products, and distributing a selection of products at various fairs and in our online store.

The foundations of our village are kin’s domains which form a sustainable community. This includes co-operation of small farms, based on permaculture principles - harvesting, preserving, adding extra value and marketing together.

One of the important goals is to achieve independant off-grid energy production for the village by innovative solutions, using both renewable energy and energy-efficient buildings.